Potty training your little boy can be a daunting task.  The multiple daily cleanings of the toilet, the floor, the walls...what a mess!

Introducing the "Pee Pal Stream Stopper" by Healthy Little Ones!

Simply attach the Pee Pal Stream Stopper to the rim of the toilet
using the suction cups and stop those pesky little "over sprays"
at the back of the toilet!

The Pee Pal Stream Stopper blocks urine from going into the space between the rim of the toilet and the toilet seat, diverting the urine into the toilet bowl where it belongs.  The plastic "target" hangs down further into the bowl to encourage accuracy.

The Pee Pal Stream Stopper is always in place, ready for use. It is held in place by suction cups and because of its flexibility, it folds out of the way when the seat is down, but when the seat is lifted, it pops up, ready for use -- without having to touch it!

The Pee Pal Stream Stopper saves parents time (and their sanity) from having to clean the bathroom 10 times a day (or more) while potty training their little boys and saves the worry of having to store it when not in use.

It's Easy On -- Easy Off -- Easy Clean!

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